about us

We’re here to sweeten up YOUR business…

Not only are we award winning, boast a diverse portfolio and pay particular attention to the tiny details in all we do, but most notably we pride ourselves on our client relationships. Did we mention we’re award winning? We understand that every brief, every business and every client needs to be catered for in their own individual way therefore no 2 days are ever the same in the marshmallow hub.

How fabulous!

This factor alone brings excitement to everything we do (we have to tape ourselves to our chairs we get THAT excited) and we believe this passion is reflected in our portfolio of work.

marshmallow work as efficiently as possible to meet client deadlines – even if that means us working during unsociable hours (thank goodness for coffee and doughnuts!). We keep our clients informed of our progress every step of the way and consider communication to be as big a part of our business as the design itself.

We are always brimming with creative ideas and make no apologies for our excitement to work. Why not share our zest for design and let your business have a piece of it too!…