social media

We very much consider ourselves a sociable bunch. We love a good chinwag (especially Daniel over on development) and know how important it is to engage with people we want to work with. And now you can do the same with your business… Online.

Over the last few years Social Media has EXPLODED – and if you are a business without this form of online presence you are at risk of falling behind…

Whether its a Facebook Cover Photo, Profile Image, Twitter Background, visuals for Instagram or general graphics to upload on these pages to keep your content current, marshmallow can cater for all your social requirements. What really is so important is to keep your branding consistent both on and offline – And we know exactly how to do it.

Why should I get on Social Media?
• It’s FREE!
• 1 in 7 people on Earth use it
• You become visible to audiences you may not have been able to reach elsewhere
• It can improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website
• You can engage directly with your clients becoming more accessible to them

Whether you already have profiles set up or need help from scratch, we can assist you with the design and running of your Social Media. Give us a call and lets get “Social”…