vehicle graphics

Quite frankly, one of THE best forms of advertising.

On an average day driving in and around London (trying to avoid those Congestion Charge Zones!) there is potential for THOUSANDS of people to see your vehicle on the road. That is why, especially if you are in the Trade or Service industry, Vehicle Graphics are such a powerful tool in getting your business noticed.

There is no use just plopping on a logo with a telephone number – how will that get people’s attention? What you need is a marshmallow creation that takes every panel of your vehicle as if it were a blank canvas ready to be painted. You want a design that will turn heads (but not cause any accidents hopefully!) and maintains the style of the company brand. You need a design that tells people what it is you do and how you can help them. If we can do all this (which we most certainly can) you are onto a winner!…