To be visible.
To be credible.
To be profitable.

It's way more than just a logo. 
Branding is what clients expect, experience and remember about your business. 

In doing so correctly, you target your ideal client. (Provided you have a super-savvy design agency behind you, of course). This means attracting the work, clients and staff that you want.

By NOT having a strong brand identity, how many opportunities will you be missing out on? Your competitor is doing it after all...


Understanding your business, is our business.

And that is where every Marshmallow brainstorm session begins - with your ideal client. If you don't know who that is, how can your business reach out to them?

We delve deep into your company values to discover who you are, who your ideal clients are, where you will find them and how to engage.
Only then does the branding process begin...